Gabrielli Truck Sales, Ltd. company details

Type: Domestic Business Corporation
C/o Carlo Gabrielli, Gabrielli Truck Sales, Ltd.
DOS Process Name
153-20 South Conduit Avenue,
DOS Process Address
DOS Process City
New York
DOS Process State
DOS Process Zip
New York
Company's CEO
Armando Gabrielli
CEO Name
CEO City
New York
CEO State

Gabrielli Truck Sales, Ltd. is a company located at 153-20 South Conduit Avenue,, Jamaica. It was set up as a domestic business corporation in Suffolk county, under id number 1585838 on 10/29/91, 31 years ago.
The following business is, at present, led by a manager - Armando Gabrielli from Medford.

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City contracts Gabrielli Truck Sales Ltd

When considering the city contracts awarded to this company, we can list: "truck, (19,000 gvw) dump w/various bodies". This contract was categorized as "goods" and awarded using the competitive sealed bids method by the Citywide Administrative Services agency. The contract started on 02/26/19, valued at $947,149.00.
Then there is "non genuine truck wheels, brake drums and accessories", chosen using the competitive sealed bids and started on 03/26/12. It was valued at $1,734,000.00.
"Truck, diesel/electric hybrid dry freight-dsny", the final of the three was worth $3,234,241.99. It was chosen using the competitive sealed bids and began on 01/30/19.
As NYBizDb found, Gabrielli Truck Sales Ltd was awarded 161 contracts from the aforementioned NY City agency.

Title Amount
Agency: Citywide Administrative Services
Truck, (19, 000 Gvw) Dump W/various Bodies $947,149.00
Non Genuine Truck Wheels, Brake Drums And Accessories $1,734,000.00
Truck, Diesel/electric Hybrid Dry Freight-dsny $3,234,241.99
Truck, Shaft Maintenance Machinist - Dep $1,826,784.00
Trucks, Rack: Dos 28ar And 28as $2,590,825.00
Truck, Tapping Vehicle, Dep-re-ad $709,975.00
Truck, Dump, 10-12 Yard, D.e.p $318,370.00
Truck, Investigation (dep) $1,821,740.00
Grp: Red Dot Heaters $61,600.00
Truck, 16 C.y. Collection - Parks $1,838,688.00
Grp: Dana/ Eaton/roadranger Axle And Drive Train Pts $290,800.00
Truck, Radio Emergency Patrol - Nypd $10,473,300.00
Truck, Aerial Bucket:nypd $70,363.00
Truck, Welding - Dsny $3,404,664.00
Truck, Utility Body, Dsny $3,215,265.60
Truck, Chipper Box Dump $581,850.00
Wrecker, 16 Ton Medium Duty - Dot $3,500,905.00
Grp:dana Spicer Axle & Brake Parts $450,000.00
Grp:midland Brakes $70,980.00
Truck Aerial Lift _ Dep $156,257.00
Truck W/aerial Lift And Chipper Dump Body-parks $687,460.00
Vehicles, Haz-mat Response: Nypd $905,102.00
Grp: Cummins Diesel Engine $670,500.00
Truck, Underbridge Inspection - Dot $2,995,384.00
Grp Retrac Mirros $615,000.00
Truck, Collection, 6 C.y. - Dot $1,267,134.54
Grp Weatherhead Fitting And Hose Ends $74,425.00
Truck, 2.5 C.y. Heavy Duty 4x4 Spreader/dump Body-dsny $2,826,600.40
Nyc Mta Piggyback Flat Bed Wrecker Car Carrier-dot $157,925.00
Truck, Dump, Crew Cab, 4x4, 3-4 Yd - D.e.p. $235,278.00
Truck, Remote Mobile Investigator- Nypd $689,895.00
Refrigeration Box Truck - Doc $359,796.00
Truck, 4x4 Crew Cab Platform W/crane-d.e.p. $2,330,346.00
Trucks, Graffiti $108,716.00
Grp: Ridewell Suspension Parts $126,500.00
Truck, 6 C.y. Collection Trucks-parks (re-ad) $1,976,945.00
Grp: Retrac Mirrors $405,000.00
Grp: Mack Trucks $5,840,000.00
Utility Truck With Compressor $746,930.00
Truck , Off Road E-329 Sand Unit-fdny $210,233.00
Remote Mobile Investigator Vehicle $270,380.00
Truck, Tandem Axle Car Carrier - Dsny $6,381,166.00
Truck, Class 5, Rack W/various Bodies (re-ad) $2,386,790.00
Truck, Dump, 3 - 4 Yd, 4x4, D.e.p. $1,293,102.00
Crew-cab Dump Truck $56,363.00
Grp: Bendix Brakes Heavy Duty $929,200.00
Utility Trucks - Dep $103,800.00
Truck: 25 Ton Towing/recovery $504,992.00
Grp Euclid Hd Brakes, Parts And Accessories $542,400.00
Grp Weatherhead Fitting & Hose Ends $119,500.00
Grp: Euclid Hd Brakes, Parts And Accessories $542,400.00
Truck, Wrecker 8 And 10 Ton - Dot $1,007,136.00
Grp Weatherhead Fitting And Hose Ends $128,115.00
Trucks, Various Dep $4,835,380.00
Grp Cummins Engine Retrofit Parts $470,000.00
Genuine Replacement Parts For Kenworth Trucks $400,000.00
Utility Truck With Telescoping Roof (re - Ad) $2,995,084.00
Truck Mounted Vacuum And Jet Rodder Cleaner - Dep $1,674,688.00
Grp: Dana/eaton/roadranger Axle And Drive Train Pts $109,050.00
Trucks, Box Body $270,445.00
Truck, Post Driver $190,824.00
Grp: U.d. Truck (alley Truck) Equipment $810,000.00
Truck H . D. 4 X 4 Self Contained 2 . 5cy Dump Body - Read $4,147,369.47
Grp: Mgm Air Brake Chambers And Components $71,000.00
Grp: Red Dot Heaters $150,500.00
Tractors And Trailers, Decontamination: Nypd (re-ad) $212,852.00
Truck, Regulator Vehicles $563,841.00
Truck, Spreader Sprayer Snow Plower - Dot $7,620,546.00
Truck, Car Carrier, Various - Dep $1,022,447.00
Grp: Midland Brakes $177,660.00
Repair Support Truck $117,168.00
Trucks, S.l. Waste Collection $1,047,038.00
Carrier, Car:dot $69,810.00
Hook Hoist Roll On/roll Off Trucks (dot) $23,915,068.66
Carrier, Car: Dpr $73,500.00
Grp:sterling Truck Parts $255,500.00
Grp Bendix Brakes Heavy Duty $283,000.00
Truck, Collection, Diesel And Hybrid Option - Dpr $3,245,672.00
Truck, 4400 Gallon Emergency Diesel/gasoline - Dsny $2,218,785.86
Truck, Large Combination Jet Rodder And Vacuum-citywide $10,608,030.00
4 X 4 Open Utility Truck With Valve Operator $78,975.00
Rack Truck-25k Lbs Gvwr $65,218.00
Trucks, Medium Duty Tow: Nypd $10,634,950.00
Truck Fuel Split Load Fdny $246,467.00
Grp:caterpillar Engines, Truck/agricultural $38,000.00
Truck, Class Four With Various Bodies $529,379.00
Grp: Mgm Air Brake Chambers And Components $180,000.00
Trucks: Regulator Repair And Dump-dep $520,790.00
Truck, Crew Cab, Dry Freight With Liftgate - Dsny $219,627.70
Truck, Anti Graffiti - Dsny $4,542,366.40
Truck, Welding Body, Dsny $890,980.00
Truck , Utility With Aerial Lift - 47ae - Dos $373,891.00
Trucks, Waste Water Vacuum - Dot $1,025,986.00
Truck: Forestry Loader W/dump Body $668,472.00
Grp Euclid Hd Brakes, Parts And Accessories $344,900.00
Trucks, Pickup: Dot $248,136.00
Truck, Vacuum-dsny $553,899.01
Truck, Box Body $530,200.00
Welding Truck - Dos $180,564.72
Piggyback Mta-nyc Transit Truck Contr- Purchase Of 4 Gang Trucks- Dot $697,704.00
Trucks, Aerial Lift Bucket: Dos 12m $338,219.00
Truck, Carrier Car $3,312,304.46
Grp: Betts Industries, Automotive Light Products $376,000.00
Truck, Jet Flusher Nyc Dep $787,296.00
Truck, 4, 400 Gallon Fuel Tank - Dsny $3,380,208.20
Truck, Cable Scrapper - Fdny $6,296,069.00
Grp:donaldson Duralife Air Cleaner And Access $696,000.00
Trucks, Utility W/aerial Lift And Enclosed Body-dsny $6,928,116.66
Post-driver Truck $116,914.00
Truck, 18' Box:d.o.c. $54,848.00
Grp: Bendix Brakes Heavy Duty $929,200.00
Trucks, Haulster:dos $3,809,730.00
Rack Truck - Gvwr 28k Lbs $263,968.00
Truck, Heavy Duty Car Carrier - Dsny $4,440,970.05
Truck, Heavy Duty Rack Body - Fdny $1,474,494.00
Truck, 3-4 Cubic Yard With Dump Body - Dpr $874,460.00
Grp: Midland Brakes $231,700.00
Truck, Jet Rodder And Vacuum Cleaning - Dsny $5,674,248.16
Grp: Dana And Eaton Axles Re-ad $320,000.00
Grp: Stemco Guardian Seals And Hubcaps $560,000.00
Truck, Enclosed Utility W/under Chassis Compressor $3,905,616.58
Grp: Sterling Truck Parts $565,500.00
Ogs Piggy Back Mta Dump Truck Gabrielle-dot $1,038,592.00
Truck, Hoist Fitted Chassis - Dsny $2,063,286.34
Truck, Heavy Duty Wrecker - Dsny $13,230,150.60
Grp: Cummins Diesel Engine $1,540,000.00
Grp:betts Industries, Automotive Light Products $98,000.00
Grp: Volvo Trucks, Medium/heavy Duty $293,810.00
Truck, Temperature Controlled Box Body - Fdny $1,093,278.00
Truck, Collection 20 C.y. - Dot $5,629,166.82
Truck, Tractor - Dot $7,393,250.65
Truck, Safety Backup - Dep $2,028,400.00
Truck, Tandem Axle Heavy Duty Wrecker - Dsny $5,789,121.20
Grp: Midland Brakes $238,000.00
Truck, Oil Tank - Dot $681,114.83
Truck, 6 C.y. Rear Loading Refuse Collection - Parks $2,258,520.00
Piggyback Contract - Mta Gabrielli - Vechicle- Dot $324,426.00
Mta Nyc Transit Authority (nycta) Mobile Wash-fdny $142,326.00
Coin Collection Vans $379,853.55
Vans And Suvs, Marked Police: 2006-2007 $8,129,200.00
Piggyback Mta Contract With Gabrielli-fdny $320,418.00
Trucks, Pick-up 4 X 4 Mounted Units $754,598.00
Truck, (37, 000 Gvw) Dump W/various Bodies $4,139,024.00
Trucks, Heavy Construction - Dep $146,426.00
Truck, Utility With Various Bodies - Dot (re-ad) $1,311,784.00
Truck, 3000 Gallon Gasoline - Dsny $1,575,527.42
Grp: Volvo Trucks, Medium/heavy Duty $176,580.00
Truck Regulator Vehicle $529,512.00
Truck, Heavy Duty 4x4, Spreader/3.5 C.y. $19,337,400.82
Vehicles, R.e.p.:nypd $2,556,893.00
Truck, (26, 000 Gvw) Dump W/various Bodies $3,357,427.00
Grp Schrader/bridgeport Tire Products $51,000.00
Trucks, Various:d.e.p. $137,836.00
Truck, Class 4 And 5 With Various Bodies - Fdny $14,481,142.13
Truck, Tilt Body Container, Roll On/off - Dsny $15,485,445.50
Truck, Tractor $281,280.00
Grp: Sterling Truck Parts $1,050,000.00
Grp:red Dot Heaters $63,000.00
Tow Truck (toter) $69,900.00
Truck, Collection Alley, Rear Loading, 10 C.y. $5,902,203.30
Grp Weatherhead Fitting And Hose Ends $179,400.00


As far as we know, official records show that 2 trademarks officially submitted on behalf of Gabrielli Truck Sales, Ltd. can be found. Gabrielli Truck Sales, Ltd. trademarks include: live/registered (registered and renewed) trademark filed on 2000-07-26 and registered on 2002-06-18. This trademark's identifying feature is "G GABRIELLI".
Another trademark is live/registered (registered and renewed) and is identified as "G GABRIELLI". It was filed on 2000-07-26 with a serial number 76096026 and registered on 2002-06-18. According to the latest trademark filing with a serial number 76096025, Gabrielli Truck Sales, Ltd. can be reached at: Jamaica, NY, postcode - 11434, address - 153-20 South Conduit Avenue.

Filing date Status Company name Address Mark identification
07/26/2000 Live/Registered Gabrielli Truck Sales, Ltd. 153-20 SOUTH CONDUIT AVENUE
JAMAICA, 11434
07/26/2000 Live/Registered Gabrielli Truck Sales, Ltd. 153-20 South Conduit Avenue
Jamaica, 11434


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