Osmose Holdings, Inc. company details

Type: Foreign Business Corporation
Osmose Inc.
DOS Process Name
Attn: David V.l. Bradley, Esq. 980 Ellicott Street
DOS Process Address
DOS Process City
New York
DOS Process State
DOS Process Zip
Company's CEO
James R. Spengler, Jr.
CEO Name
CEO City
New York
CEO State

Osmose Holdings, Inc. is a company based at Attn: David V.l. Bradley, Esq., 980 Ellicott Street, Buffalo. It was established as a foreign business corporation in Erie county, under company number 2779492 on June 17, 2002, 20 years ago.
The following company is, according to the latest data, presided over by a director - James R. Spengler, Jr. from Buffalo.

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As far as we know, USPTO data shows that 3 trademarks officially submitted on behalf of Osmose Holdings, Inc. can be found. Osmose Holdings, Inc. trademarks include: live/registered (registered and renewed) trademark filed on 2001-07-06 and registered on 2003-09-16. The trademark's identifying feature is "OSMOSE".
Another trademark is dead/cancelled (cancelled - section 8) and is identified as "OSMOSE SUNWOOD". The trademark was filed on 1980-12-01 with a serial number 73288048 and registered on 1983-05-31. The subsequent trademark mentioned filed by Osmose Holdings, Inc. on 1966-06-23 includes the identification "OSMOSE K-33". It is live/registered (registered and renewed) trademark (serial number 72248840) registered on 1967-05-02. According to the last trademark filing with a serial number 76281401, Osmose Holdings, Inc. can be contacted at: Buffalo, NY, postcode - 14209, located at: 980 Ellicott Street.

Filing date Status Company name Address Mark identification
07/06/2001 Live/Registered OSMOSE HOLDINGS, INC. 980 ELLICOTT STREET
BUFFALO, 14209
12/01/1980 Dead/Cancelled OSMOSE HOLDINGS, INC. 980 ELLICOTT STREET
BUFFALO, 14209
06/23/1966 Live/Registered OSMOSE HOLDINGS, INC. 980 ELLICOTT STREET
BUFFALO, 14209