Sandhu Contracting Inc. company details

Type: Domestic Business Corporation
Sandhu Contracting Inc.
DOS Process Name
18-07 38th St
DOS Process Address
DOS Process City
New York
DOS Process State
DOS Process Zip
New York
Company's CEO
Ram Sandhu
CEO Name
CEO City
New York
CEO State

Sandhu Contracting Inc. is a business registered at 18-07 38Th St, Astoria. It was registered as a domestic business corporation in Queens county, under DOS id number 2472756 on February 11, 2000, 19 years ago.
The company is, at present, being managed by a chief executive officer - Ram Sandhu from Astoria.

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City certifications

Sandhu Contracting Inc. is a MBE certified business. The certification will expire on October 30, 2023. Created on February 1, 2000, the company can be found at 18-07 38Th St.,11105 Astoria. The company can be reached by telephone at (718)274-8457, by fax at 7182748501 or by email at Sandhu Contracting Inc. fulfilled multiple contracts, namely:
a job for Client valued at $95 000,00 that included “Partial reconstruction of Sorentino Recreation Center”;
a job for Client valued at $660 000,00 that included “Roof restoration of Vandenberg Hal. Lightening Protection”;
a job for Client valued at $956 000,00 that included “Roof replacement of BK12 garage roof”.

Sandhu Contracting Inc.
Formal name
Certification renewal date
18-07 38th St. Astoria 11105

Mailing address
Date of establishment
Aggregate bonding limit
Roofing contractor, sheet metal roofing, carpentry, and masonry repairs.
Business description

Job experience

95 000,00
Contract value
80 %
Percent self performed
Job date
Partial reconstruction of Sorentino Recreation Center

Job experience

660 000,00
Contract value
99 %
Percent self performed
Job date
Roof restoration of Vandenberg Hal. Lightening Protection

Job experience

956 000,00
Contract value
100 %
Percent self performed
Job date
Roof replacement of BK12 garage roof
City contracts Sandhu Contracting, Inc.

When considering the New York City contracts awarded to the company, we should name: "partial reconstruction of sorrentino recreation center". The contract was categorized as "construction/construction services" and awarded by using the competitive sealed bids method by the Parks and Recreation agency. It started on June 12, 2018, amounting to $865,580.00.
Then there is "reconstruction of the front entrance portico", chosen using the competitive sealed bids and started on April 4, 2018. It was worth $312,036.44.
"Reconstruction of the skating rink service building", the final on this list was valued at $1,098,350.00. It was chosen using the competitive sealed bids and started on June 18, 2009.
As the city database informs us, Sandhu Contracting Inc. was awarded 4 contracts from the aforementioned New York City agency.

Title Amount
Agency: Parks and Recreation
Partial Reconstruction Of Sorrentino Recreation Center $865,580.00
Reconstruction Of The Front Entrance Portico $312,036.44
Reconstruction Of The Skating Rink Service Building $1,098,350.00
Reconstruction Of Built Up Fiberglass Shingle, Slate, Metal, Cedar Roofing $2,000,000.00


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