Einundzwanzig-ny, LLC company details

Type: Foreign Limited Liability Company
Einundzwanzig-ny, LLC
DOS Process Name
28 Liberty Street
DOS Process Address
New York
DOS Process City
New York
DOS Process State
DOS Process Zip
New York
Registered Agent
C T Corporation System
Registered Agent Name
28 Liberty St.
Registered Agent Address
New York
Registered Agent City
New York
Registered Agent State
Registered Agent Zip

Einundzwanzig-Ny, Llc is a company located at 28 Liberty Street, New York. It was established as a foreign limited liability company in New York county, under company number 4788971 on 07/14/15, 6 years ago.

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TLC-licensed base

Located at 636 West 28 Street New York Ny 10001 and registered under the B02887 id number, Einundzwanzig-Ny, Llc is a a black-car type Taxi and Limousine Commission licensed base. One can contact them by calling (646)665-7350 or by visiting their company website at The base serves at least 1465 for hire vehicles for several clients, such as: 31 Northern Blvd Inc (1 car), Aanouz Abdelhadi (1 car) and Abbas Asad (1 car).

Einundzwanzig-ny, LLC
Base name
Base number
Base type
636 West 28 Street New York Ny 10001
Base address
Base telephone
Name Vehicles count
31 Northern Blvd Inc 1
A C Uri Corp 1
Adom Rental Transportation Inc 1
Alba, Limo, Transportation, Corp 1
American Luxury Service Inc 1
American United Transportation Inc 4
American, United, Transportation, Inc 65
Aragundi Inc 2
Autumn, Ride, LLC 1
Baichans, Inc 1
Barry Limo Inc 1
Barry, Limo, Inc 2
Citta Car LLC 1
City, Livery, Leasing, Queens, Inc 1
Citywide Auto Inc 1
Cordero Corp 3
Dpu Transportation Corp 1
Dtg Enterprise Inc 1
Emiliya Worldwide Automotive Inc 1
Eml Enterprise Inc 1
Excellent Limo Corp 1
Frith And Carroll Inc 1
Global Luxury Limo Corp 1
Gonul, Enterprise, Inc 1
Hurricane, Management, Corp 2
Hy, Limousine, Inc 1
Ino, Transportation, Corp 1
J & B Cleaning Experts Inc 1
Jc & Bombay Corp 3
Johnbokif Services Inc 1
Jsmp, LLC 1
Kaloum Inc 5
Kaloum, Inc 1
Kaulid Connect Inc 1
Lado Khabo Inc 1
La Melasa Transportation Inc 1
Lease2go Inc 1
Lux Credit Consultants LLC 1
Lux, Credit, Consultants, LLC 31
Luxe Tour Travel Inc 1
Mallard Transportation LLC 1
Mandjou, Corporation 1
Marce Limos Corp 1
Marce, Limos, Corp 1
Mikes Toys Corp 1
Mm&t Services Inc 1
New Azan Ali Leasing Corp 1
Omega Auto Group Tlc Inc 1
On, Wheels, Rental, Inc 1
Paakaan, Car, Service, Inc 1
Powertrip Inc 1
Qlr, Six, Inc 1
Quick 2 Destination LLC 1
Ranat, B,llc 2
Rey Car Inc 1
Rlh, Auto, Group, Inc 1
Sallaku, Corp 1
Samad Limo Inc 1
Serkan Limo Inc 6
Shahzada Enterprises Inc 1
Share, Trading, Inc 1
Status-essentials Inc 1
Suarez Brothers Corp 1
Suarez, Brothers, Corp 2
Tigina, Inc 1
Tnc Automotive Corp 1
Tolnep Limo Inc 1
Tolnep, Limo, Inc 1
Venture, Leasing, LLC 1
Ycl Corp 1
Zainab Transportation Inc. 1


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