Siebzehn-ny, LLC company details

Type: Foreign Limited Liability Company
Siebzehn-ny, LLC
DOS Process Name
28 Liberty Street
DOS Process Address
New York
DOS Process City
New York
DOS Process State
DOS Process Zip
New York
Registered Agent
C T Corporation System
Registered Agent Name
28 Liberty St.
Registered Agent Address
New York
Registered Agent City
New York
Registered Agent State
Registered Agent Zip

Siebzehn-Ny, Llc is a company located at 28 Liberty Street, New York. It was established as a foreign limited liability company in New York county, under company number 4782715 on July 1, 2015, 4 years ago.

The data below is presented in a way identical to how it exists in government databases. Several companies can exist nationwide under the same name. Please be advised to check whether the information provided pertains to the specific company you are looking for.

TLC-licensed base

Located at 636 West 28 Street New York Ny 10001 and cataloged under the B02888 id number, Siebzehn-Ny,Llc is a a black-car type Taxi and Limousine Commission certified base. One can contact the company by dialing (718)971-5559 or by browsing their company website at The base serves at least 2569 for hire vehicles for multiple clients, such as: Khadka Surya B (1 car), Sohel Mdrashed Ibne (1 car) and Vargas Bienvenido J (1 car).

Siebzehn-ny, LLC
Base name
Base number
Base type
636 West 28 Street New York Ny 10001
Base address
Base telephone
Name Vehicles count
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Aki Exporters Inc 1
Carlink, LLC 1
Gq-1, LLC 1
All Green Hamsaf Inc 1
Karas Limo Inc 1
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Bronx, Merchant, Funding, Services, LLC 2
H & R 2 Inc 1
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High, Class, Cars, Corp 1
Cll Queens Inc 2
West, Coast, Limo, Inc 2
Aisham Enterprise Corp 2
Espinal, Limo, Corp 1
Ranbir Enterprises Inc 3
Espinal, Auto, Corp 1
Abm, Limo, Inc 2
Share, Trading, Inc 2
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Qlr, Eight, Inc 1
Ranbir, Enterprises, Inc 3
Best Nyc Car Rental Corp 1
Grand, Auto, Leasing,,inc 1
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Polin, Transportation, Corp 1
Rof, Inc 1
A, Touch, Of, Class, Transportation, Corp 1
Omega Auto Group Tlc Inc 1
Boro, Leasing, Inc 1
Gursukh Management Inc 2
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American United Transportation Inc 1
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San Marcos De Leon Corp 2
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Shahs Inc 1
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Fc, Limousine, Inc. 1
Rai, Rentals, Inc 1
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Qlr, Seven, Inc 2
American, United, Transportation, Inc 10
Ufge LLC 1
1st, Fast, Taxi, Service, Corp 1
Cane Grove Transportation Inc 1
Getcars, Group, LLC 11
Hilton, Car,&,limousine, Inc 1
Getcars Group LLC 4
N, Y,2, Auto, Inc 1
Malverde, Corp 1
Ny4, Leasing, Corp 3
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Yaro Transportation Plus, Inc. 1
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City Livery Leasing Queens Inc 2
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Oumar Niang Transportation Inc 1
Joe's Rental And Taxi Service Inc 1
Hurricane, Management, Corp 1
Friendly, Transit, Inc 9
786 Capital Management Inc 2
Excellent Limo Corp 5
City, Car,&,limousine, Services, Incorporated 1
Rhivanjor, Services, Corp 1
Limo, House, Inc 1
Fernanda Coutinho LLC 1
Daud,&,sons, Inc 1
Yuvraj, Trans, Inc 1
Ace Black LLC 4
Winston, Car, Inc 4
Biracs, Usa, Inc 1
5 Points Leasing LLC 1
Friendly, Transit,,inc. 1
Vasquez Auto Corp 1
Rony, Limousine, Corp 1
Cane, Grove, Transportation, Inc 6
Nickleby Inc 1
Ny4 Leasing Corp 2
Berrosa Auto Corp 4
Global Luxury Limo Corp 1
F R Limo Inc 1
Bakry, Express, Limousine, Inc 1
Manhamptons, Ny, Inc 1
Hambone, Management, Corp 2
Ivvy, Auto, Corp 1
Rmmcars Transportation Inc 1
Dangelo, Corp 1
Jsmp, LLC 1
Fragrance Corp 1
Serles Inc 1
Bangladesh Auto Repairs Inc 1
Jpap Limousine Corp 1
Sak, Limo, Corp 1
City, Livery, Leasing, Queens, Inc 1
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Samburt Incorporated 1
Fordham Management Ny Corp 10
Settara, Limo, Corp 1
G, K,leasing, Corp 1
Johnny Louis LLC 1


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