Unter, LLC company details

Type: Domestic Limited Liability Company
C T Corporation System
DOS Process Name
28 Liberty St.
DOS Process Address
New York
DOS Process City
New York
DOS Process State
DOS Process Zip
New York
New York
Registered Agent
C T Corporation System
Registered Agent Name
28 Liberty St.
Registered Agent Address
New York
Registered Agent City
New York
Registered Agent State
Registered Agent Zip

Unter, Llc is a company located at 28 Liberty St., New York. It was set up as a domestic limited liability company in New York county, under id number 4141698 on September 14, 2011, 7 years ago.

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TLC-licensed base

Located at 636 West 28 Street New York Ny 10001 and registered under the B02512 identification number, Unter Llc is a a luxury type Taxi and Limousine Commission licensed base. You can contact them by dialing (718)971-5559 and by visiting their website at The site serves at least 456 for hire vehicles for several clients, like: Angelos Express Llc (1 car), Ganhito Armando M (1 car) and Kilinc Halis (1 car).

Unter LLC
Base name
Base number
Base type
636 West 28 Street New York Ny 10001
Base address
Base telephone
Name Vehicles count
Nyq82 Limo Service LLC 1
Ez Farmin Inc 3
Gopapa LLC 1
Marsillo, Limousine, LLC 2
Luxury, Transporter, LLC 1
Mbrowntransport, LLC 1
V Limousine Corp 1
Mmc, Executive, Limo, Inc 1
Tamer Isik LLC 1
Dmconnectinc 1
August, Limousine, Inc 2
Gillani, Enterprises, Inc 1
Blindados Vip Inc 1
Harrison Luxury Limo Service LLC 1
Samar Limousine Corporation 1
Black, Suburban, LLC 1
Limo Star Ny Inc 1
L&d Luxury Transportation Corp 2
Allendy Executive Trans Inc 1
Pjb, Transportation, Inc 1
21st, Century, Transportation, LLC 1
Big Apple Ride Inc 1
Falcon Star Inc 1
Luxury, Lifestyle, LLC 1
Bella, Limousine, Services, Inc 1
Limo, Vision, Inc 1
R,&,g, Henry, Corp 1
Saja, Transportation, Corp 1
Jgh, Limousine, Inc 1
Kid, Car, Ny, LLC 1
Letmino Worldwide Inc 1
Rhivanjor Corp 1
New York Limousine Transportation Services Corp 1
Majestic Care Limo Services LLC 3
Limo, Star, Ny, Inc 2
Oz Global LLC 1
Gts Transportation Inc 2
August Limousine Inc 8
Imperial Worldwide LLC 1
Limosun, LLC 1
Oz, Global, LLC 1
Imperial, Executive, Services, Inc 2
Dhaliwal Limo Inc 1
Mirific, Executive, Services, Inc 1
Metro Transportation Group Inc 1
Bedford Group Brokerage LLC 1
Barreda Luxorlimo Services Inc 1
Samburt Incorporated 1
Journey Limo Group Inc 2
Claverie, Enterprises, Limo, Corp 1
Class, In, Motion, Ltd 1
Jupiter Tlc Cars Inc 1
B&b, Prestige, Inc. 1
Sast, Global, Group, Inc 1
Waverly, Transportation, Inc 1
Xclusive Transportation Inc 1
Ram, Transportation, Inc 1
Jtt, Unlimited, Inc 1
Letmino Ny Inc 1
Wr, Limo, Services, Inc 2
Hassan Transportation Corp 1
Mobile 212 Inc 2
Uzk Global Technology Inc 1
Premium, Limo, Services, Inc 2
Mass Transit Limo LLC 1
Happy Ride Limo Corp 1
Gts, Transportation, Inc 2
Bwl, Transportation, Services, LLC 1


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