Elf-ny, LLC company details

Type: Foreign Limited Liability Company
Elf-ny, LLC
DOS Process Name
28 Liberty Street
DOS Process Address
New York
DOS Process City
New York
DOS Process State
DOS Process Zip
New York
Registered Agent
C T Corporation System
Registered Agent Name
28 Liberty St.
Registered Agent Address
New York
Registered Agent City
New York
Registered Agent State
Registered Agent Zip

Elf-Ny, Llc is a firm based at 28 Liberty Street, New York. It was established as a foreign limited liability company in New York county, under DOS id number 4782892 on 07/01/2015, 4 years ago.

The data below is presented in a way identical to how it exists in government databases. Several companies can exist nationwide under the same name. Please be advised to check whether the information provided pertains to the specific company you are looking for.

TLC-licensed base

Situated at 636 West 28 Street New York Ny 10001 and registered under the B02878 id number, Elf-Ny,Llc is a a black-car type Taxi and Limousine Commission licensed base. You can contact the company by calling (646)665-7540 or by visiting their company website at The location serves at least 3540 for hire vehicles for several clients, like: Khan Mahid (1 car), Nunezgomez Edilberto (1 car) and Tapiaseverino Rafael (1 car).

Elf-ny, LLC
Base name
Base number
Base type
636 West 28 Street New York Ny 10001
Base address
Base telephone
Name Vehicles count
Broadway Suv Rental LLC 1
Habas Car Service Inc 1
Dtg Enterprise Inc 1
Professional, Transportation, Enterprises, Inc 1
Jem Leasing LLC 12
Crescent, Car,&,limo, Inc 6
Atk Suv Car Service LLC 1
Tvr Group Inc 1
Lease2go Inc 1
City Livery Leasing Brooklyn Inc 2
Barry Global Services Inc 4
Jdiaz Car Inc. 1
Next, Level, Limo, Inc 1
The 440 Limousine Serve Corp 1
Cesa, Cars, Inc 1
Joy Auto Group Inc 1
Crescent Car & Limo, Inc. 3
Tolnep Limo Inc 4
American, United, Transportation, Inc 4
Lajara Auto Corp 2
Bm Enterprise Services Inc 1
Pin4point Limo Inc 1
Nassem Import And Export Corp 1
Bronx Merchant Funding Services LLC 1
New, Amsterdam, Limousine, Ltd 1
Ay & Mz Corp 5
Gutori Corp. 1
Fc Luxury Car Inc 1
Zzaman Group Inc 1
Rhivanjor Corp 1
Abraham Transportation Inc 1
Ana Auto Group LLC 3
Sayeda Family Corp 1
Villa, Livery, Corp 1
Wave Cars & Technology Corp 1
Rabiul 1 Trading Inc 1
Boomf, Management, Corp 2
Jdiaz, Car, Inc. 1
Cardash Holdings I Corp 1
Michael Car Inc 3
Bronx, Merchant, Funding, Services, LLC 6
Billion Dollar Dream Rentals Inc 1
Shan Brothers Inc 1
Adom Transport Inc 1
West Coast Limo Inc 2
Broadway, Suv, Rental, LLC 2
Nelly Auto Corp 1
City Bronx Leasing Two Inc 1
Cll Queens Inc 1
F And Jean C Inc 1
Fjh Corp 2
August, Vasquez, Car, Service, Corp 1
Tl Executive Service Corp 1
Mikes Toys Corp 3
Espinal, Auto, Corp 3
J&v Car Service Corp 1
Aisham Enterprise Corp 1
Darlina Costa Corporation 1
Lcn, Car, Inc 1
Calixte Enterprises Inc 1
Green Leasing Inc 2
Rigo, Limo-auto, Corp 9
Suncar Car Inc 1
City Bronx Leasing Incorporated 1
Inwood Leasing Corp 1
Atk, Suv, Car, Service, LLC 1
Chady Car Inc 1
Vargas, Car, Service, Corp 1
Rigo Limo-auto Corp 1
Auto, Fleet, Express, Inc 1
Bronx Auto Leasing Inc 5
Barry, Limo, Inc 1
Arfa Contracting Corp 1
Elsaba, Import, And, Export, Trading, Corp 1
A Touch Of Class Transportation Corp 1
Ideal Limo Inc 2
Merchant, Funding, Services, Corp 3
Sara, Distributors, Inc 1
Bagban, Transportation, Inc 1
Jem, Leasing, LLC 6
Hurricane, Management, Corp 16
Pelham Limousine Service Inc 1
Accomando Group LLC 1
Gutori Corp 1
J & B Luxury Corp 1
Intertransportation Auto Lyse Corp 4
City Carter Leasing Incorporated 1
Jdiaz, Car, Inc 2
Dads National Enterprises Inc 1
Vasquez Auto Corp 1
Tokai Enterprise Inc 1
Sidibe Corp 1
City, Livery, Leasing, Brooklyn, Inc 1
Jet Set Taxi Corp 2
F R Limo Inc 4
Citta, Car, LLC 2
Emely, Corp 1
Tolnep, Limo, Inc 1
Smaktz Inc 1
800, Auto, Exclusive, LLC 1
Nat Rental LLC 2
Elgad Transwell Inc 1
Hambone, Management, Corp 8
Bd Transportation Ny LLC 1
Jpp, Limo, Inc 3
Wheelchair Transportation Service Inc 1
Jsmp, LLC 1
Dar N Sons Inc 4
Auto Ventures Leasing LLC 1
Cll, Queens, Inc 2
Dangelo, Corp 3
Veloz, Livery, Rentals, Inc 2
City, Livery, Leasing, Queens, Inc 4
Nj Executive Inc 1
Mrr Car Inc 1
Limousine Services Plus Inc 3
F, Corp 1
Vasquez, Auto, Corp 1
Lismary, Auto, Corporation 1
Empire, Express, Service, Corp 1
Br, City, Inc 1
City Queens Inc 5
Debo Management Group Inc 2
Pily Car LLC 3
Crescent Car & Limo Inc 3
Sheikh, Tlc, Cars, Inc 3
Martinez, A&f, Inc 1
Merchant Funding Services Corp 2
T&t Transp Corp 1
Camaron Transportation Corp 2
Veloz Livery Rentals Inc 2
Jack Car Service Corp 1
Hermany Inc 1
Aijd Corp 1
Fpl Car Inc 1
Sidi Transport Inc 1
Sak Limo Corp 1
Hi-q Executive Transportation Inc 1
Bulla Transportation Service Inc 2
Hurricane Management Corp 3
77, St, Operations, Inc 1
Ay And Mz Corp 2
Ct Livery Corp 3
E-z Cars Trans Inc 2
Boomf Management Corp 4
City Livery Leasing Queens Inc 8
Hazro Transit Inc 1
Hasan Taxi Services Inc 2
Fdr Ventures Corporation 1
Capital Car Inc 2
Lease2go, Inc 1
Fc, Executive, Inc 5
Jeaaanc, Transportation, Inc 1


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