Sechs-ny, LLC company details

Type: Foreign Limited Liability Company
C/o C T Corporation System
DOS Process Name
111 Eighth Avenue
DOS Process Address
New York
DOS Process City
New York
DOS Process State
DOS Process Zip
New York
Registered Agent
C T Corporation System
Registered Agent Name
111 Eighth Avenue
Registered Agent Address
New York
Registered Agent City
New York
Registered Agent State
Registered Agent Zip

Sechs-Ny, Llc is a company located at 111 Eighth Avenue, New York. It was set up as a foreign limited liability company in New York county, under DOS id number 4782866 on July 1, 2015, 2 years ago.

The data below is presented in a way identical to how it exists in government databases. Several companies can exist nationwide under the same name. Please be advised to check whether the information provided pertains to the specific company you are looking for.

TLC-licensed base

Located at 636 West 28 Street New York Ny 10001 and cataloged under the B02875 identification number, Sechs-Ny, Llc is a a black-car type TLC certified base. One can contact the company by calling (646)665-7402. The location serves at least 2962 for hire vehicles for multiple clients, such as: Gonzalez Francisco B (1 car), Akash Murad (1 car) and Wilson Sons Inc (1 car).

Sechs-ny, LLC
Base name
Base number
Base type
636 West 28 Street New York Ny 10001
Base address
Base telephone
Name Vehicles count
Simple Livery Leasing Corp 1
Ez Drive Nyc Corp 4
Duolux Inc 4
Divine Grace Corp 1
Abdelkhader Corp 1
Nyc Hudson Management Corp 34
Guru Car Rental & Leasing Inc 4
Getcars Group LLC 5
Jayliah Corp 3
Ny King Limo Corp 1
O And Y Limo Service Inc 1
Abm Limo Inc 1
Vaz Transportation LLC 1
Hilton, Car,&,limousine, Inc 1
American, United, Transportation, Inc 464
Qlr, Seven, Inc 1
A & J United Transportation Inc 2
Solvig Quest LLC 1
Lic Livery Inc 4
Carlink LLC 2
Kingdom Auto Corp 1
Shakhrizoda Inc 1
Bsd Tree Inc 2
Nomad, Black, Line, Inc 3
Qlr, Four, Inc 2
Mach 5 Transportation LLC 1
Grand Auto Leasing Inc 1
M&m Rides Inc 1
Limo, 4,all, LLC 4
Anefall Inc 4
Group, 68, Inc 1
Pierre Express Inc 6
Venture, Leasing, LLC 3
H-e Auto Transportation Inc 1
Empire Express Service Corp 1
Maple Limo Inc 2
Star 7 Transportation Corp 1
Cityview718 LLC 39
Lantin Corp 3
Towers Wealth LLC 9
Mak Transportation Solutions Corp 1
Fp Transportation LLC 1
Cantor Group Corporation 1
Lux Credit Consultants LLC 471
Aviah Enterprise Inc 1
Hudson Far West LLC 1
Julie P Transit Inc 1
Cb Livery Leasing LLC 39
Q, L,r, Five, LLC 2
American United Transportation Inc 179
Equity Facilitators Incorporated 1
Venture Leasing LLC 4
Rigo Limo-auto Corp 119
Part Time Concepts Inc. 1
Chady Car Inc 2
Realty Limo Vip Corp 4
Superior Tlc Rentals Inc 1
First Class Leasing Corp 3
Best Nyc Car Rental Corp 1
Qlr, Eight, Inc 3
Rigo, Limo-auto, Corp 9
Wilson' Sons Inc 1
Sherman Luxury Car And Limo Service Inc 5
On Wheels Rental Inc 2
Hop N Go Auto Inc 1
Mikes Toys Corp 1
Advantage Fleet Inc 8
Rony Limousine Corp 22
S Transportation Group Inc 1
Limo 4 All LLC 1
Peak Limo Inc 2
Adjibson Inc 1
Luxury, One, Corp 13
Guelisten Corp 1
Sm Transit Inc 7
Cardash Holdings I Corp 1
Luisnunezbusiness Corp 1
Uziman, 68, Inc 4
Cb, Livery, Leasing, LLC 4
Blak All Star Corp 2
Jerome One-stop Services Inc 2
New Azan Ali Leasing Corp 2
Sk8d Corp 1
Rhino B B Group LLC 6
Bitmars Limo Inc 2
Prince Motors Inc 1
Jsmp, LLC 2
Daba Do Inc 1
Cll, Queens, Inc 1
Wheelchair Transportation Service Inc 4
Mouna Inc 3
Hussain's Leasing LLC 10
Nomad Black Line Inc 23
Quest Livery LLC 1
Tamara Lease Corp 1
Dadex Inc 26
Paul And Franco Black Fleet Corp 3
Alpine Tech Inc 1
Steve Case Mgmt Inc 2
Rush Two Inc 1
Dc23 Transportation Inc 1
Hudson, Far, West, LLC 4
Zain Limo 1 Inc 1
Harris Black Cars LLC 1
Pg Cars LLC 2
Eveready Limo Corporation 11
Rony, Limousine, Corp 2
198 Body Shop Inc 1
Vmh Vervoer LLC 2
Rna Fleet Inc 4
Jovidon Group Inc 7
5 Points Leasing LLC 1
Magane Corp 1
Doga Leasing Corp 3
Ny Hybrid Corp 2
Car Rentals LLC 6
Jem, Leasing, LLC 1
Delta, Golf, Inc 1
Travel Smart Inc 1
Friendly Tlc Inc 2
Qlr Five LLC 24
Openride Inc 1
Nyc Cab Management Inc 2
Cordero Corp 2
Mansfield Enterprises LLC 1
Nuquest Management Group LLC 20
Elman Service Inc 1
Qlr, One, Inc 1
Omega Lx Corp 1
Huberth Leasing Company Inc 3
Hargun Corp 1
City Livery Leasing Queens Inc 1
Asmjmi Corp 3
Castro Luxury Cars And Limousine Inc 2
Bulla Transportation Service Inc 1
Lux Credit Consultants, LLC 1
Qlr Nine Inc 2
Parsis LLC 3
Ga Vip Transport LLC 1
Sonia & Riya Corp 1
Veloz Livery Rentals Inc 7
Saj Transportation Northeast LLC 6
Machard Holdings Inc 1
Adane Star Inc 2
Saad Leasing Corp 1
Hf1w Holdings LLC 2
Aki Taxi Leasing Inc 4
City Queens Inc 1
Ag Holding 0109 Corp 1
Qlr, Six, Inc 2
Hamza Limo Corp 2
Mak Motors Inc 2
Kegneko Fatako Corp 1
O & Y Limo Service Inc 2
Bilal Inc 5
Besseko Taxi Service Inc 4
Goncab LLC 1
Qlr, Three, Inc 4
Limousine Services Plus Inc 1
Kaloum Inc 2
Maximiliano Inc 1
2 Bros Leasing LLC 2


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